Posted by: Adam Deane | 06/03/2010

Microsoft Bashing

microsoft bashing

microsoft bashing

For the last few years Microsoft’s reputation has taken a beating. It was the giant we loved to hate.

It has been nearly 10 years since Microsoft developed a decent operating system, and they have spent more effort on marketing than on real technology development.

Steve Ballmer was always disliked for his arrogance and oafishness. Microsoft was losing every battle: Google, Skype, Firefox, Apple…
Even in the BPM world Microsoft didn’t have a complete solution for business process management and needed to rely on partners.

In the last year, it seems that Microsoft have slowly turned a page.
Recent products such as Windows 7, the Bing search engine, and Windows Azure have given hope that Microsoft is investing in software development as once before. Even the statements from Ballmer have taken a more humble attitude.

Microsoft still doesn’t have a full BPM solution. Although Microsoft have added SharePoint to their BizTalk BPM offering, and Window Workflow Foundation is slowly working its way into a wide range of Microsoft products, organisations still need to use a real BPMS tool for sophisticated corporate business processes.

It seems that Microsoft have learnt their lesson and have been punished enough.

Will the villain turn hero? I love a good redemption.


  1. Interesting…Lets see how it goes…
    I love the Snape comparison..though….:))

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