Posted by: Adam Deane | 07/03/2010

Azure Workflow Services – Update

Just wanted to share an answer I received from Microsoft’s Architect Advisor, Arjun Bahree, regarding Azure Workflow Services

Hello Adam,

The Azure team dropped Azure Workflow Services in mid-2009 from the erstwhile .NET Services (now Azure AppFabric) in favor of waiting for the vastly improved Workflow services in .NET Framework 4 and VS 2010. Hope you are already aware of this fact.
Workflow Services are likely to be released in future as a part of Windows Azure AppFabric (which currently provides Access Control and Service Bus features). Correspondingly, trainings on the same should be available only then, both from Microsoft as well as from external training agencies.
Hope this answers your question. If you meant to ask anything else, do let me know.

:Arjun B

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