Posted by: Adam Deane | 22/03/2010

Sandy Kemsley’s Column2 Blog

Sandy Kemsley

I was planning to spend a quiet Saturday afternoon researching the new Azure technology when I read Sandy Kemsley’s Five years of Column 2 article.

Although I’ve been following Sandy Kemsley‘s blog for years, I decided to read all of her blog articles from start to finish. It took me 8 hours (Aaaaahhh!).
I skipped most of the links and most of the conference reviews but I spent time on the analysis articles as I was eager to get her take on BPM and the future of BPM.

These are the articles that I found most interesting:
A Short History of BPM (2,3,4,5,6,7,8)
The future of BPM
Great service makes up for bad processes
Weak points of BPM systems
Business Pain
BPMS Usage Patterns
Do BPM vendors eat their own dogfood?
Lesson Learned
Forrester Wave: Human-Centric BPM for Microsoft Platforms
Social media for community projects
Whats on my laptop
Media relations
How not to give a demo
Tips for vendor showdowns
Cloud Benefits
The value of vendor white papers
Striving for guru status
BPM tough love

About Sandy Kemsley
Her Powerpoints
Flickr photos
Twitter – @skemsley
Five things that you don’t know about Sandy Kemsley , Some memes never die , Good deeds , Summary

Best Rants
I loved her rants
Customers that I’d like to fire
Trolling for vendors

Best Quote
Anybody who works for a vendor and has something interesting to say is probably too busy doing other things, like building the product, to spend much time blogging

Column 2 is regarded as the BPM Blog Bible.
I think her success comes from consistent blogging and gentle approach with her criticism. The articles are interesting, not controversial, but very informative.
One of the advantages that analysts have is the ability to see the “wood for the trees.
Personally, I would love to see more articles about her views on BPM and where should it go…
I think the blog readers would benifit if there was a link on the blog to the list of her most important articles (in her opinion) – Articles that are a “must read” when browsing the blog.

Sandy – Congratulations on Column2’s 5th birthday. May your blogging success continue for years to come.


  1. Wow, I had completely forgotten that quote that you tagged as your fave: written 4-1/2 years ago, before social media swept us all up. I’m not sure that’s true any more: a lot more people who work for vendors are taking the time to blog about things that are relevant. Of course, proportionally, it’s probably the same, since we have every PR and marking department on the planet writing a blog these days, and often just containing nothing more than press releases and marketing fluff.

    Glad that you’re enjoying the blog, and very flattered that you read through it end-to-end. I’m now having fun going back and reading the posts that you tagged as most interesting, since I’ve forgotten many of them.

    My opinion on BPM tends to be woven in to the posts here and there, rather than published as standalone opinion pieces. Thanks for the suggestion about pulling these out into separate posts, I’ll think about that.

  2. […] of her blog posts are around conference and product reviews. I’ve blogged about her before (Sandy Kemsley) and I still find her reviews to be straightforward, informative, and most importantly – […]

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