Posted by: Adam Deane | 28/03/2010

Is BPM Profitable?

According to Tibco’s Q1 results, the answer is yes:

Q1 Revenue:
Total: $155 million
License revenue: $54.2 million
Services revenue: $100.9 million

97 deals over $100,000
10 deals over $1 million
no deals above $5 million

Americas, 51%
Europe, Middle East, Africa, 39%
Asia-Pacific & Japan, 10%

Financial services, 25%
Telecommunications, 10%
Energy, 8%
Government, 8%
Life sciences, 8%
Insurance, 6%
Manufacturing, 5%

SOA, 70%
Business Optimization, 22%
BPM, 8%

Overall 2,150 ($72,000 revenue per employee)
Sales, 172

…many people, including many on this call, have long said there is no such thing as SOA and we’ve seen great success in that market and we will continue to see great success. And so we think that proverbial tipping point of a shift from a purely transactional to a transactional/event-driven architecture has started and it’s going to keep growing and growing…

Click here for the full TIBCO Software Inc. F1Q10 (Qtr End 02/28/10) earnings call transcript provided by Seeking Alpha


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