Posted by: Adam Deane | 30/03/2010

Are people losing interest in BPM?

Are people losing interest in BPM?

Maybe I’m expecting too much, but as the BPM industry grows I was expecting that the interest in BPM would grow too.

If to use Google Trends ( as a reference to the public interest – it shows a decline in interest.

Although there are more BPM websites, BPM groups, BPM news and (hopefully) more BPM awareness – the analytics show a decline in BPM related searches. Take a look..

Using the key words: bpm
trends bpm

Using the key words: business process management
trends business process management

Using the key words: business process
trends business process

Using the key words: workflow
trends workflow

Using the key words: bpms
trends bpms

When I tried comparing them all, we can see that BPM is stronger than Workflow that is stronger than Business Process that is stronger than Business Process Management:

trends all

Are there any positive signs?
Well, the interest in BPMN is actually picking up:
trends bpmn


  1. BPM alone is broad if not vague…organizations are slowly beginning to understand what is actually involved in business process management, thus the rise in the awareness of BPMN…having the need to understand and know business processes in order to fix them and effectively manage processes.

    Nice research.

    -Stephanie Quick
    iqu, llc
    iblog @

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