Posted by: Adam Deane | 31/03/2010

Case Management: Tom Shepherd

Anyone interested in Case Management will find Tom Shepherd’s interview worth reading. Tom Shepherd, Global 360’s Director of Case Management was interviewed by Theo Priestley (BPM Redux)
Read the full interview on BPM Redux

Here are some of the quotes:

On the convergence of CRM and BPM

I don’t believe that CRM and BPM (or any of the other TLAs describing software segments) are dissimilar in what they are trying to achieve. What I see are different software solutions trying to skin the same cats, albeit in slightly different ways


From where I stand, BPM is an approach to managing the business problems that a company and the surrounding ecosystem face in every day operation. When I think of the business process lifecycle, it includes process analysis, modeling, execution, (hopefully) optimization

On the difference between BPM and Case Management

I also believe that a major difference between traditional BPM and case management is in the assembly line approach to work enforced by BPM tools. Many BPM tools still require serial processing of work because of the mechanics underlying the work packet or process instance where it needs to be locked before a user can do the work. Case management solutions should be designed from the ground up to encourage collaboration at run-time where there is no need for locking, enabling multiple parties to work on the case simultaneously.

On Dynamic Case Management

…there’s renewed interest in using case management to deal with some of the more complex business problems enterprises face. Often these are the processes that provide competitive differentiation, so it’s critical that the solution put in place doesn’t inhibit the knowledge workers who typically do the work and force them to create workarounds

On the next big step in BPM

First is a move away from the focus on modeling and towards improving how people do their work with improved capabilities and user experiences…
Second is continued convergence

Tom Shepherd – Blog:, Twitter: @TomShepherd

Read the full interview on BPM Redux

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