Posted by: Adam Deane | 04/04/2010

BPM Quotes of the week

On Redefining BPM – Theo Priestley

it’s time to redefine BPM for this new era. But perhaps redefining is still too weak an option to take, what we need to do is examine what is happening in the industry and treat this as a completely new concept from scratch, start with the blank sheet and forget the legacy

On BPM and packaged applications – Clay Richardson

As BPM market consolidation continues, Forrester expects increased confusion as vendors put out marketing messages and positioning to capture the growing opportunity around Dynamic Business Management… Like Alice, process professionals will need to finally wake up to reality – the reality that packaged apps and BPM can coexist and work well together.

On BPM POCs – Dan Atwood

POCs are a small microcosm of how a real first project will go if you move forward with a vendor. There are going to be things that go wrong during every POC. What’s key is to note how the vendor responds during the POC.

On Why we need BPM consulting firms – Scott Francis

the big firms don’t know what they are not. They’re trying to provide any service their customer needs. Pure play BPM services firms don’t need to increase their own footprint on the project by capturing non-BPM work, because the universe of BPM consulting work is already so much bigger than their ability to capture that business.

On Cloud computing and SOA – Anne Thomas Manes

Using cloud computing without a sound architectural context is dangerous. Organizations that blithely run off and deploy applications in the cloud without considering SOA principles will find themselves in worse shape than before

Process Project Failure – Craig Reid

Success or failure can be bizarrely subjective sometimes – mostly due to complete ignorance of what a process project should achieve

On process failings – Gary Comerford

It’s simple enough so why not adopt the process? The incremental cost must be minimal and the additional goodwill in customer service (not to mention getting your food when it’s still hot) must be worth it.

On Using KPIs – Amy

I would argue that the key to saving time and promoting efficiency (both during the BPM software implementation, and in the long run) is to allocate resources effectively and reduce waste, which I believe KPIs (along with other measurements and yes, instinct) can help to reveal

On Brain fitness corporate program – Claire Schooley

I’m convinced we will see brain fitness as a soft skill for employees in the corporate world. Everyone can use memory strategies to improve their work performance…

On the best April fools day prank – Theo Priestley

In a surprise move which sent shockwaves through the traditional BPM and BPA players, Excel has been voted ‘most adaptive BPM tool’ in Statler and Mason’s annual Tsunami Pentangle industry report.

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