Posted by: Adam Deane | 04/04/2010

Social Media Quotes of the week

On how industry analysts use Twitter – Peter O’Neill

Actually, if you ask me, I am not even too sure about the usefulness of Twitter – I consider the jury to be out on this. Most important is that our use of Twitter in this juvenile phase (there I go again!) does not jeopardize how we analysts work with the vendors and vice versa.

On Social BPM – Phil Ayres

Even if collaboration software just died because its marketing showed limiting insight, and its technology missed the mark a little on what businesses really needed to improve the way they work. Social BPM is a land-grab by BPM vendors to help them reclaim some flexibility in their otherwise fixed, rigid product sets.

On Social Media ROI – Augie Ray

Among the things I miss from my hometown are my two favorite burger restaurants–AJ Bombers and Sobelman’s. Both have used Word of Mouth (WOM) to become successful small businesses, but while one built its buzz over 10 years, the other used social media to become a success in just one year

On Blogging ROI – Sandy Kemsley

Taking these points one at a time, I consider the time that I put into blogging as part of my marketing budget (if I had such a thing), since most of my new business comes to me because someone reads my blog and thinks that I have something to add to their projects.

On Reputation – Phil Ayres

In an online world, your reputation is based on feedback from many sources. A positive recommendation from a named contact on LinkedIn can be wiped out by a scathing attack by an anonymous commenter on a blog or Yelp, even though there is no way to substantiate the truth behind the words.

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