Posted by: Adam Deane | 11/04/2010

BPM Quotes of the week

On Choosing a BPMS (or three) – Janelle Hill

There is no BPMS that is well-proven at handling the full range of unstructured styles – including case management, network optimization, dynamic task management and content collaboration – equally well. For example, Singularity, Pallas Athena, Global360, Appian and EMC handle case management especially well, whereas Metastorm, K2, Agilepoint, Handysoft, and Fujitsu handle dynamic task mgt especially well and Adobe handles content collaboration especially well! Furthermore, of the over 70 BPMS vendors we follow at Gartner, Pegasystems is the most-proven BPMS for handling a broad range of process styles spanning structured and unstructured processes, with Lombardi and Savvion not too far behind.

On BPM Projects – Craig Westbury

The most disappointing project failures I have seen have been where the initial benefits sought included a strategic vision that the new process would be delivered to increase customer value and maximise enterprise value – by the end of the project both of these ideals have been de-scoped and the organisation is often left with another process implemented in isolation

On Standards in BPM? – Andrew Smith

YES! The only place where standards should be introduced is that of integration and API. It shouldn’t matter what technology your BPM platform is built on, be it .NET, Java etc, its API, should be technology and platform independent

On Complex Business Models – Jacob Ukelson

I think the real problem is that BPM is becoming too complex and is on its way to becoming even more complex – people are even asking whether BPM is becoming the next programming paradigm, or whether it will be used as a basis to replace all applications in the enterprise.

On Complex Business Processes – Scott Francis

a given process is easier to describe and translate to execution today than it was before these features were added to BPM suites, not harder. Of course, with increased efficiency for previously mundane but time consuming tasks, the difficulty of problems being tackles is growing – but that’s just the way the software business works – the goal posts are always moving.

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