Posted by: Adam Deane | 13/04/2010

BPM: Showing your standard demo

bpm demoOne of the problems larger BPM vendors have is personalisation.
Understandably, the bigger you are – the more potential leads your presales team see.
Quantity usually leads to generalization – showing your standard demo, giving the standard presentation… going through the moves

For smaller vendors – every potential customer is critical. Each demo is tailored, each presentation is tailored. More homework is done in learning about the customer, what they need and what would excite them.
I’m not saying that bigger vendors don’t care about new customers, but the effort put into presales is different.

I was reading the university of Wisconsin case study by BP Logix. What caught my eye was the customer’s reason for choosing them from all of the other presentations.

“What wowed me was the demo. When I called to schedule the demo, I was asked to send one of our forms. No one ever asked me that before. BP Logix asked me for a form, converted it quickly and demoed our form. They personalized the demo – and that was a huge wow!”

I’ve mentioned the importance of customer tailoring a demo in a previous article.
It shows that you know their business, it shows efficiency and it shows that you’ve put in an effort.

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