Posted by: Adam Deane | 18/04/2010

BPM Quotes of the week

On SharePoint and BPM – Derek Miers

Despite Microsoft’s best attempts to position the SharePoint platform for content and collaboration, many people still see it as a business process management (BPM) platform. The process management features of SharePoint 2010 are better than MOSS 2007, but they’re more limited than most modern BPM suites.

On Oracle and BPM – Jeff Rodek

There’s so much data out there that they’re swamped in data, but they lack insights

On Simulation and Taxes – Carole-Ann

Simulation in itself is better than nothing, but the true value is in your understanding of the components of your decisions. Do not second guess the indirect forces that impact your business. Stop shooting darts in the dark. Take charge. Be proactive, be informed.

On Defining BPM– Ashish Bhagwat

..with so many perspectives at play and with BPM community comprising multiple sub-communities with heterogeneous views, it is darn too difficult to define BPM that covers all the aspects and still satisfies everyone

On Adaptive Case Management – Max J. Pucher

There is an obvious need for dynamic processes that BPMS vendors are already addressing. The reality of BPM shows that it is very difficult to top-down analyze and simulate business processes and link them to KPIs in a continuous improvement cycle.

On Pegasystems acquiring Chordiant – Derek Miers, Connie Moore, Clay Richardson

Rather than a major apps vendor buying a BPM suites vendor, this is the first time we’ve seen a major BPM suites vendor buy an apps vendor. The most important takeaway? Packaged suites are slowly giving ground to BPM-enabled processes. This acquisition signals the next wave of investments as packaged apps move to legacy status.

On Misconceptions of Process Automation – Praecipio

By nature, process automation involves taking away human tasks and executing them with technology. Naturally, people can be sensitive to automated processes. They may become insecure about their job if they think tasks will be taken away from them

On Exceptions and Problems – Gary Comerford

So here’s my question to you: When you’re working on designing processes, do you always document the ideal process or do you include logic to deal with situations that don’t follow the ‘standard process’? I would be amazed if everyone said ‘Yes’

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