Posted by: Adam Deane | 21/04/2010

BPM Manifesto

I have not seen a BPM Manifesto come to life yet.
There was talk of it last year (Alexander Samarin, Theo Priestley )

We already have a SOA manifesto (
It was announced last year at the International SOA Symposium in the Netherlands.

We have an Agile manifesto ( that is basically a set of rules about Agile that the authors come to value.

We also have an Open Cloud manifesto,( to which some big players didn’t sign.

Will there be a BPM manifesto?


  1. Hi Adam,

    As always, these endeavours are started with good intentions, however as soon as you ask people to step up to the plate and contribute just watch the numbers fall rapidly. When I started Nexus (now around 800 strong I believe) the goal was for the practitioner community to collaborate and product a ‘manifesto’ of sorts and define and shape BPM once and for all. It started well but then like I’ve said once people were asked to assume responsibility the interest quickly waned. Alex has produced his own vision separately and the Committee are in fact moving towards resurrecting the original vision (btw, I am no longer running Nexus)

    I have discussed quite openly community and collaborative effort that requires analyst, vendor and practitioner to take part and (re)define BPM and evolve it. Again, as soon as you ask people to step up to the plate….

    Seems the SOA and Cloud folks have either more willing participants or their corner of the world is far more defined than ours has been over the last two decades…

  2. Adam,

    Some similar work has been recently initiated at the OMG’s Business Ecology Initiative. I participate in the BPM/SOA CoP integration working group in which we are going to provide a common understanding and a context for BPM and SOA. It is an open group.

    By the way, OMG decided to merge its BPM Symposium and its SOA Symposium.


  3. Forgot to add that my BPM reference model is now publicly available — see

    It can be a good start to develop BPM or BPM/SOA manifesto.


  4. […] and help out when asked to. Again though the subject cropped up on Adam Deanes blog about “Where is the BPM Manifesto ?” so the ideal hasn’t died […]

  5. look here

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