Posted by: Adam Deane | 27/04/2010

BPMT : BPM-Enabling Technologies

BPM Acronym BPMTA new acronym has also been announced by Gartner:

BPMT (BPM-enabling technologies)

Like all geeks I love a new acronym. This one I have never heard of before, so I checked it up on Google but couldn’t find any reference to it.
So… Ladies and Gents…. Introducing BPMT…..

Gartner defines BPMT as the following:
New BPM technologies enable business roles to take more responsibility for determining how work is executed and how to optimize process performance. Rather than exclusively relying on IT to make requested changes to automated processes, BPM technologies empower those closest to the work itself to do change management. Thus, selecting the best-fit BPM technology is critical to the success of process improvement projects
To learn more about it you can join Gartner’s Michele Cantara webinar on BPMT

So now we have a new acronym to add to our BPM Acronym List (or maybe I should call it “BPMAL”…) BAM,BI,BPA,BPDM,BPEL,BPM,BPMN,BPMS,BPO,BPR,BRE,BRM,BRMS,CEP,CPO,EA,EAI,

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