Posted by: Adam Deane | 02/05/2010

BPM Quotes of the week

On “Design by Doing” – Keith Swenson

Who says that BPM requires a BPMN modeler? Everyone! There is an overwhelming preponderance of opinion in this regard. Can you imagine a doctor sitting in their office drawing a BPMN diagram for a patient’s treatment plan? Not on your life.

On a paradigm shift in BPM – Rob Rensman

The current list of flagship companies that have been paraded as BPM success stories is getting stale. We will take note once we find out which companies have managed to extricate themselves from the recession into stellar performers and credit BPM, ACM or ECM for their success

On Case Management – Theo Priestley

Listening to various vendors and announcements recently, plus the chatter coming from it’s apparent that the old hype machine is on the spin cycle again and this time it’s Case Management in the wash.

On ACM – Jacob Ukelson

no one is building social BPMS tools using BPMS – not even the BPMS vendors

On customer experience to drive process improvement – Derek Miers

When you think about it, satisfying the needs of customers is what all business is about

On good compliance practices – Apoorv Durga

Will applying proper Content Management practices and following the steps above in and of themselves enable organizations to avoid tax evasion, illegal betting, bribes, suspect shareholding patterns and so forth? Of course not. If you have people of questionable integrity and ethics running an organization, no amount of management practices will help.

On Dashboards – Carole-Ann

The point is that dashboards are fantastic tools and they assist us in a very powerful way everyday for big and small tasks. But having a mechanism to monitor your performance does not mean that you are not accountable any longer…

On Processes and Projects – Craig Westbury

A project does not implement a Business Process; instead the organisation uses the outputs of the project to execute the process the way it has been designed

On BPM and EQ – Scott Francis

Businesses will be better off investing in the people already in the organization by giving them broadening experiences and responsibilities, that they’ll take with them back to their day job

On BPM and Government – Salim Sheikh

With May 6 looming ever so closer and the political landscape about to change significantly across the UK, Sir Peter Gershon’s efficiency review will once again land on the desks of the CEO and CIO across all organisations – ranging from the SMEs to the Blue Chip companies who will be helping the government to claw back monies to help pay off our deficit.

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