Posted by: Adam Deane | 11/05/2010

BPM Definition – Explained

BPM DefinitionThere is a lot of discussion going on about the correct definition of BPM, ACM, ECM and Case Management.
I’d like to raise two points that I feel might help in the debate.

But first, a joke.
A drunk goes into a bank and slams a cheque on the cashier’s desk. “Give me my money” he yells.
“Not a problem, Sir” says the cashier, “but I’ll need to sign your name on the back of the cheque”
“Give me my money” yells the drunk louder.
“But sir, I need you to sign on the back of the cheque so I can give you the money” says the cashier.
“Give me my bloody money now” yells the drunk and starts banging his fist.

At this point the cashier calls the bank manager and explains the problem.
Without hesitating the bank manager turns around and smacks the drunk’s ear.
“Sign the cheque on the back” he growls and walks back to his office.

The drunk takes a pen and signs on the back of the cheque. As he gives it to the cashier, she can’t resist asking: “Why didn’t you sign it when I asked you to?”

The drunk looks at her with disgust and answers: “You talked – He explained”

Point number 1
We can try and define BPM until we are blue in the face.
We will still need to explain it to the customer, and customers are looking for solutions, not definitions.

Point number 2
You’ve probably heard the joke before.
Instead of a drunk, it was probably an Irishman, Polish or an Italian…
Whatever your version is of the joke, my version is still funny – it does its job.
Which goes to show that even if someone else’s BPM definition is a bit different than yours – You should be able to live with it, as long as it explains the essence of BPM.
(Burp… pardon me…)


  1. Another vote for pragmatic and solution-oriented approach to BPM… nice!

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