Posted by: Adam Deane | 15/05/2010

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM Innovation – Comment By Max J. Pucher

Let’s face it – BPM is mostly used for cost cutting. Give me an example where BPM increases innovation. But I completely agree that businesses do not want to do BPM: They want to do business. Which means as long as BPM requries complex and difficult upfront analysis work that won’t happen.

On Technology investment decision makers – Thomas Wailgum

Who’s the top IT decision-maker inside companies today: The CIO, right? Ahhh, no. The CEO? Guess again. The CTO? Nope.
Try the CFO.

On IT BPM vs Business BPM – Chris Adams

I am encouraged to see that the “invisible wall” that separates IT from Business much smaller today than 15-20 years ago. In the years past, a business executive caught walking down the wrong hall in a company’s building would be asked “Why are you down in the IT wing? Are you lost?”

On Process modelling – Theo Priestley

Do we really need business process tools to be as complex as the BPM language we insist on using ?

On Doing old things in an old way on a new platform – Rick Mans

The biggest mistake you can make when introducing something new, is to keep the process exactly the same. About ten years ago my bank decided to put all the forms that customers needed online. At first it seemed really great until I discovered you could fill out the form online and than you had to print it and send it by mail

On BPM Success Factors – Scott Cleveland

‘Change’ – People hate change. This is one of the biggest killers of enterprise projects. ‘Culture change’ is one of those changes and employees will resist.

On BPM and collaboration – Jim Sinur

As BPM becomes more collaborative in nature, BPM will be pushing more of these interrupt opportunities. I just wish there were BPM offerings that optimized on resource utilization and could incrementally check a resource before task/actions were pushed to that resource.

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