Posted by: Adam Deane | 16/05/2010

Case Management & Social BPM Quotes of the week

The debate around Case Management, ACM and Social BPM still leads in most of this week’s posts.
These are the quotes that I found interesting:

On Social BPM – Keith Swenson

Call this Social Business Management, or Social Case Management, but please, this is not Social BPM.

On ACM – Scott Francis

Do I think ACM could be a good fit for an airline merger? Sure, depending on the specific software and its features – this isn’t a run-of-the-mill situation. But if I use Keith’s logic, the fact that the airlines didn’t use ACM for this merger is proof that ACM doesn’t solve the problem. (tongue in cheek)

On ACM Bantering – Max J. Pucher

The current discussion about the future of BPM methodology and software is not on the right level. It should not be just about rigid process versus flexible case management. It ought to be a discussion of business management concepts related to Taylor versus Drucker…Therefore the whole bantering going on about (Social or not) BPM versus ACM (Adaptive Case Management) is missing the point.

On Case Management – Comment by Derek Miers

Every doc vendor under the sun claims Case Mgt capabilities (at one level or another). But in the end, I believe it (Case Mgt) comes down to a state of mind – a way of designing process support systems (a design pattern) that can be applied to a number of BPM systems.

On Case Management and BPMN – Sandy Kemsley

Although you can use BPMN to model ad hoc processes, it doesn’t currently lend itself that well to modeling case management situations: it doesn’t include good support for the rich content required in most case management scenarios, nor for completely on-the-fly subprocess definition by a participant. BPM products that only support BPMN are going to struggle with representing cases as well as structured processes

On Case Management – Ashish Bhagwat

What this tells me is this. There are tools that have capability to do Process Management in structured manner, and there are tools with capability to perform dynamic case management. What you need depends on how you want to treat the situations and incidents. You want Case Management culture or Process Management culture – that’s the key

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