Posted by: Adam Deane | 22/05/2010

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM Adoption – Ian Louw

In my experience, I have found that companies that are open to Change does not always mean they react well to it when it is imposed on them. Often this is due to type of culture in the organisation, in other cases it is just due to complacency.

On BPM Mindset – Mike Gammage

On the one hand, the shocking truth is that many of the Fortune 2000 are still flying blind when it comes to their business processes. They have incomplete, out-of-date and conflicting views of their business processes, held in a variety of formats in different places, and with only the loosest governance

On BPM Initiatives – Chris Adams

A successful BPM initiative inside a company does not stop end with picking the perfect BPM Suite provider. Rather, this is just the starting point

On Fast changing BPM – Jim Sinur

With dynamic and agile BPM emerging in organizations and the promise of even more collaboration introducing more variations in an “end to end” process, BPM can change faster than people can….

On Why people aren’t as flexible as process – Theo Priestley

BPM promises change at a fast pace, sometimes that pace can be aggressive because the Exec mantra is often “ROI now!” and they expect it yesterday. And there appears to be a bit of a gap here because of it. BPM projects succeed because the people have been involved right from the start and change is introduced to them and they’re educated and taken through the journey from start to finish…
More often than not however change is used as a blunt instrument wielded by slap-happy management in the hope the numbers will stack up with the spend.

On BPM Templates And Patterns – Anatoly Belychook

A practical benefit of using a template may be less than expected. It usually covers the happy path only and the devil is in details – various workarounds, escalations and exceptions.

On BPMN – Mike Gammage

They know that business process is the right framework, and that further development of BPMN has value – but no way is BPMN the right language to engage and orchestrate the business

On BEDL – Alberto Manuel

I consider BEDL offers nothing new. Indeed it seems more a proprietary /custom notation rather the solution outlined in the article for the analysis and business processes data representation. For this we have already UML.
…Do we need BEDL? I think not.

On IBM’s Lombardi Integration Roadmap – Bruce Silver

In BPM, the right way, and for most vendors the only way, is you start with modeling by business process analysts and architects, which leads to executable design (ideally layered on the model rather than starting over), followed by deployment, performance monitoring and optimization. But at IBM, that’s just one BPM “adoption pattern.” You can also start by monitoring first, or automating first (I call that Ready Fire Aim!), or… I don’t know, I think they have three or four more

On Location-aware business process management – Theo Priestley

A report by Ventana Research found that 61% of organisations using location data helps to improve customer service so can it be done for BPM also …
So would location data improve not only BI and decision making but also improve process efficiency too ?
In the same way Social is opening doors to collaboration and transparency, location is doing much the same from a different perspective, enabling both to work together would be something else indeed…

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