Posted by: Adam Deane | 22/05/2010

Social BPM Quotes of the week

On Social BPM – Sandy Kemsley

everyone could be a writer in the blogosphere, but in reality, only a tiny fraction of those who read blogs actually write blogs, or even comment on blogs. The same will likely occur in runtime collaboration in BPM: only a fraction of users will design processes, even though all have the capability to do so, but all will benefit from it.

On Social BPM – Ashish Bhagwat

Social BPM is a shortened term (and could be a misnomer) for what in actual interpretation should be “BPM leveraging Social Networking technologies, disciplines and contexts”…. Social is a Phenomenon that should enable BPM and supporting technologies to collaborate and synergize better toward customer centricity.

On Social BPM – Clay Richardson

In the blogosphere there seems to be divergent views on how social BPM should be used within organizations. On the one hand, some feel that social BPM is all about tools and technology (i.e., process wikis, process mashups, etc.). And on the other hand, I see another camp emerging that believes social BPM should focus on transforming the organization and the organization’s processes.

On Social BPM – Doug Mow

On the one hand, social is terrifying to many IT professionals. It reeks of teenage ADD, wasted time, no defined ROI, inappropriate behavior and disclosure and all things bad on the web

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