Posted by: Adam Deane | 23/05/2010

EA Quotes of the week

I’ve been peeking into the world of Enterprise Architecture and reading some of the blogs there.
These are some of the EA Quotes that I found interesting

On Enterprise Architecture – Chris Lockhart

What’s the difference between an IT architect and a janitor? If the janitor stops doing his job, someone will notice

On Microsoft and EA – Iyigun Cevik

– Does Microsoft have an EA framework, methodology or a EA product?
– No.

On Why Enterprise Architects and BPM people never get along – metastorm-blogger

Clay said that whenever you ask a BPM person what EA is all about they will tell you, “pretty pictures,” and whenever you ask an EA person what BPM is all about – they say it’s a new way to build business applications.
But this lack of collaboration between EA and BPM is a recipe for disaster

On EA Community – Mike Gammage

The EA community has a vital role in building the reference models that will underpin strategic decisions and drive integration of the enterprise. EA programs are usually staffed by sensible and very bright people, and are usually very well resourced. But the reality is that many EA programs fail.

On The Future of EA – Jeff Scott

As business architecture gains momentum, business leaders will take notice and seek to move or replicate the BA function in the business. Many BAs will jump at the chance to move and encourage this model – with or without the CIO’s blessing

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