Posted by: Adam Deane | 27/05/2010

Microsoft, Wake Up!

C’mon Microsoft, Get your act together!

So It’s official, Apple is now worth more than Microsoft

Years ago, when I had to make a career choice between Microsoft’s C# and Java – I chose Microsoft and never looked back.
Why? Because Microsoft was cutting edge, innovative and aggressive. I real go-getter.
It had a roadmap, it was planning world domination. I wanted to be on that ship.
I attended the Microsoft Partner Conference where Bill Gates left us and the new guy Steve Ballmer became king.
Everyone was waiting to hear Ballmer’s vision.
I must confess that I was a little disappointed to hear that he wanted to put more emphasis on sales and less on development.
I can understand his approach (follow the money..) but I’m a techie. I want to hear about innovation and new technologies.

Ballmer hasn’t been a failure. But he hasn’t been a great success either.
When I meet Microsoft employees, I don’t hear any great enthusiasm in their voice, no “Microsoft” pride.
Hotmail, Zune, Bing and of course Vista – all disappointments.
Even Office 2010, (that might have some innovation in it), is mostly marketing hype.


Lately all you hear about is how Google has passed them, and now how Apple has passed them…

I not here to pick on Microsoft. This is not a Microsoft bashing post.
I’m here to call on Microsoft to pull their finger out. To get their act together. To return to their once pride and glory.
C’mon Microsoft.

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