Posted by: Adam Deane | 29/05/2010

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM Marketing – Mary Katherine Strupe

Business Process Management (BPM) has made an incredible impact on humanity and the world.

On Business Analysts – Laura Brandenburg

As business analysts we tend to like to prepare. We analyze. We think. We over-analyze and over-think. And so maybe we get ourselves stuck because we feel we need to come up with the answer on our own when the easiest way to come up with the answer might just be to ask

On IT Architects – Chris Lockhart

I find it bewildering how, in a field that relies on human interaction, we don’t place more emphasis on people skills. The best technical solution is useless if it can’t be communicated by its creator or effectively championed in the face of opposition.

On Analysts – James McGovern

The challenge is in doing research that is relevant to the challenges that end-customers face. At times, you need to be in the heart of the conversation, while at others you need to take a step back and see the bigger picture.

On EA – Mark McGregor

Seeing so few vendors present led me to ask the question, is there really an Enterprise Architecture market. Sure there are greater numbers of people talking about EA, attending events and joining groups, but this alone does not create a market.

On IT and Business – Scott Francis

Communication is incredibly important – BPM doesn’t cause this communication rift- but BPM projects really expose this issue because of the close proximity of the IT and Business team figuring it out and the iterative nature of the projects.

On SOA – Sanooj Kutty

A quick glance at the IT educational model today sees very little of management and a heavy load of technology. If SOA is to succeed, it has to start at the grassroots of IT education and not within corporations. It is more management than technology.

On BPM Reporting – Malcolm Ross

I’m always surprised how some BPM platforms don’t include extensive reporting on the business data inside a process and only provide analysis on just the process performance data

On BPM Standards – David McCoy

Think of the collective term: BPM Standards. You may love BPMN 1.1 and that’s understandable. But don’t base your position on that. You may have scars from WS-BPEL, but don’t position based on that. You may be indifferent about BPEL4PEOPLE. But that’s not germane; Don’t count your wounds or praise on a case-by-case basis; focus on the collective term.

On SLAs – Ashish Bhagwat

One would hope that SLAs would bring the much-needed quality of service in business, but that’s unfortunately not the case. They are just not geared for “customer happiness”, They are designed, and used in a way, to keep the management from frowning!

On Mobile BPM – Theo Priestley

Mobile BPM for example should not be seen as just “BPM on your phone” but enabling a truly mobile workforce to exist, the one we keep hearing about that hasn’t really materialised fully.

On Document Management – Alan Pelz-Sharpe

The world of document management is not one that most people associate with fun, laughter and good times. It has been described (by me on occasion) as about as exciting as watching paint dry.

On BPM Poetry – Mike Gammage

So. Farewell then BPM…
Business Process Management, some said.
You burst in a decade ago, the Next Big Thing after Process Re-Engineering
Fed by Big Vendor marketing, feted by Big Consultants, you held the key to everything.
We all had to have a BPM strategy. A BPMS was the ultimate corporate bling.
But Keith’s Mum always said that it was unreal, like Series 4 of Lost.

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