Posted by: Adam Deane | 05/06/2010

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM Myth-Busting – Rob Rensman

“With some proper governance we can make this process work”. Wrong! Governance is the lazy man’s solution to incomplete process design. As if the angels descend from above and magically connect your loose process steps.

On Process Automation – Neil Ward-Dutton

You see, the argument about whether “BPM means automation” often seems to be framed as a binary choice: either processes are automated, or they aren’t. I don’t think this is very helpful.

On BPM and Behavior Change – Jim Sinur

Many organizations make the BPMS’s work well and save money, time and optimize resources, but they find themselves having to double back in order to make sure the people involved with the processes stick with them and don’t fall back to the old habits or try work around alternatives.

On BPM Outsourcing – Scott Francis

Unfortunately many people assume that BPM is all about workforce reductions. But BPM is just as much about planning for growth or peak loads, better customer service, regulatory compliance, visibility to operational data, elimination of errors and defects.

On BPM Lightbulb Moments – Mike Gammage

And then Owain went to say that the design team had been determined to create “process that was easy on the eye “. Call me small-minded, I loved it. ‘Process that is easy on the eye’ – that has got to be the new gold standard for anyone who cares about the adoption of processes by end users

On Six Sigma and Lean – Robert Thompson

There’s a rumour going around, and I’ve heard it from lots of people. Believe it or not, some people are claiming that Six Sigma doesn’t work, and Lean is the only approach you should take to effect continuous improvement

On SOA – Iyigun Cevik

David Chappell says “Creating services that can be reused requires predicting the future…” and concludes that SOA doesn’t work. It’s very clear that he doesn’t understand the concepts of service-orientation. Similarly when Juval Lowy is excited about the capabilities of WCF and advertises the concepts “every object as a service”, same mindset presents itself. It’s not difficult to guess why WCF still doesn’t have contract-first web service development.

On SharePoint & BPM Suites – Mary Katherine Strupe

The ability to manage processes, users, and applications across the enterprise is where it makes sense for a BPM suite to be implemented

On BPM Data Standards – Anatoly Belychook

The initial concern “the data manipulated by the processes is essentially hidden in process variables” is valid but it’s just a bad practice or reasonable quick prototyping technique.
It’s amazing how we use to grab everything we can reach under our own umbrella: business methodology is BPM, content storage is BPM and now data management is BPM, too.

On Analyst Ecosystems – James McGovern

Analysts are pretty good in determining weaknesses in current software offerings when compared against the competition. They are mediocre at best in determining gaps in software offerings after the product has been deployed in a production capacity since the customer/analyst interaction most often occurs at procurement time with no followup in the future.

On Empowering Employees – Claire Schooley

No one knows the customers better than the employees who work with them daily so “unleash” these employees from the established process and boundaries and encourage them to come up with solutions to customer problems, to issues in the work environment, and even to learning topics.

On Implementing BPM – Scott Cleveland

One potential challenge with BPM is the behavioral change required by participants in the process. Often, BPM requires users to move from an event-driven to a task-driven work paradigm

On Case Management – David Yockelson

In addition to BPM, advanced analytics, social software, decision management, collaboration and content management, facilities must be provided and integrated in case context to help drive case outcomes and meet organizational metrics

On Collaboration Tools – Jeremy Roche via Ann All

There’s nothing better than a team knowing what’s going on and feeling a part of the business. We don’t need a suggestion box anymore. It’s out there, loud and proud. I think organizations are starting to move in that direction because the old view of managing making a decision and communicating it through a conference call is starting to seem old-fashioned and slow

On BPM Center of Excellence – Tom Dwyer

Are there two basic models for establishing a COE – one focused on ensuring that the business policy toward process improvement is followed, and one focused on ensuring that the process discipline and technology is consistently used and deployed?


  1. Hi Adam, thanks very much for the shout out! Great collection of quotes.

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