Posted by: Adam Deane | 13/06/2010

ECM Quotes of the week

On Microsoft’s SharePoint – Joe Shepley

Big ECM vendors have had 10+ years to make compelling products that business users want to use–and all of them have failed to do so in a sustained way

On ECM Change – Laurence Hart

When ECM was first conceived, people created content, it was published, and then nothing else happened until it was time to update the content. Then came the 2.0 world. The world at large went from consuming content to interacting with content.

On ECM and BI – Brooke Martin

No ECM product that I know can deliver a BI solution, and if they did it would be on content only in their repository.

On Case Management – Lee Dallas

It is important to point out that there are just as many BPM vendors who promote case management from a process centric view that are pursuing these same customers. These vendors and the integrators that implement them run the risk of emphasizing process over relationship management in just the same way as ECM vendors and SI’s do with documents.

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