Posted by: Adam Deane | 18/06/2010

BPM: Appian – Wounded Warrior

Appian Wounded WarriorI like to take my hat off to people who manage to combine business with a good cause.

This week it’s to Appian.

Appian rolled out to the U.S. Army a new application called “Wounded Warrior” that uses their BPM software to help speed rehabilitation for U.S. soldiers wounded in the line of duty.

Wounded Warrior accelerates the processes for on-boarding, diagnosis and rehabilitation of injured U.S. soldiers at military Warrior Transition Units (WTUs).
The application has been piloted at 7 WTUs, and will ultimately be rolled out to the 38 WTUs around the country

Injured soldiers brought in from the field are automatically on-boarded into the WTU system through Wounded Warrior.
The application provides the central interface for the soldier and all treatment professionals to develop and monitor a rehabilitation plan specific to that soldier’s needs. This includes a health self-assessment, which is verified and approved by a primary care physician.
The assessment is then automatically routed to the soldier’s case manager or occupational therapist for creation of an appropriate transition plan.
The soldier can review his/her progress toward plan milestones through the interactive interface, with verification provided along the way by the treatment professionals involved.
When Wounded Warrior reports the transition program has been completed successfully, an appropriate decision about redeployment is made.

BPM delivers quantifiable ROI to organizations, but when it positively impacts the recovery of the men and women who risk their lives in defence of their country, that’s a return that cannot be measured.

Appian – Well done!

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