Posted by: Adam Deane | 20/06/2010

ECM Quotes of the week

On Enterprise Collaboration – Sandy Kemsley

I strongly believe that you first have to make people care about their work before they will engage in creative collaboration, regardless of the shiny tools that you give them.

On Case Management – Alberto Manuel

Case Management are the first breach in BPM systems. It can lead several systems for manage the business processes. Want structured? Infinitely repeatable? Buy BPMS. Want AD-HOC process capability? Buy other tool.

On SharePoint – Joe Shepley

You’ll notice that the phrase “pretty good” appears a lot in this post, and with good reason: SharePoint has never been a best-in-breed solution. Its success has come from the ability to meet the right combination of important business needs fairly well. It has never tried to be all things for all people or to do all the things that a best in class system should do. Hard to say if this has been through strategic design or serendipity or dumb luck

On Designing ECM Portals – Venu Madhav Gooty

Color represents different aspects in different countries. While the color ‘red’ represents ‘happiness’ in China, it represents ‘death’ in Egypt and ‘anger’ in Japan. Understanding these differences can help use the right color themes for the same pages on different country sites


  1. Adam,

    Thanks for calling me out twice in a row on your blog…I’m honoured!



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