Posted by: Adam Deane | 25/06/2010

BPM: the art of bartering

True story.
One of our sales managers was presenting to an audience of potential customers.
After talking about BPM and the software solution around it, he held a Q&A session.

Each time someone in the audience asked a question, the sales manager asked from which company he was.
“Estee Lauder – the cosmetics company” said the first man.

“Excellent” the sales manager answered.
“I’ve got a wife and two daughters that use your products.”
“Maybe instead of buying the software, we could do a barter”. The audience chuckled.

“Would you be willing to barter also with me?” said the guy that sat next to him.
“Absolutely” said the sales manager. “What company do you work for?”

“I’m a Funeral Director at ABC. We manufacture coffins”

BPM Bartering

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