Posted by: Adam Deane | 03/07/2010

BPM Quotes of the week

On Reasons organisations fail to implement BPM – Andrew One

Often I put this down to BPM vendors, consultants and analysts making BPM seem too complex by using far too much jargon or “wooley” comments and examples

On Consultants and Process Analysts – Craig Reid

Often consultants and process analysts are viewed as highly paid pains in the posterior – and sometimes we are, for we bring insight and an ethos that change is a good thing.

On Structured and Unstructured Processes – Chris Adams

If you took an informal inventory of all the processes in your company today, I bet the majority of them are dynamic, unstructured, and involve your company’s knowledge workers. A workflow application can support structured processes very well, but fails when it comes to unstructured processes. A BPM Suite, on the other hand, has the ability to effectively handle both unstructured and structured processes

On BPM and Re-engineering – Joe McKendrick

So management is coming in and saying ‘this is the way we can improve those specific processes — and then having those processes changed and automated by technologists before pushing it down on front-line workers. We saw the results of that. The front-line workers did not accept the final process.

On Broken Processes – Ashish Bhagwat

It’s a matter of priorities and not presence of technology. Technology can add value where organization is focused. You can teach and preach Process Management, but you cannot force customer orientation…. When you see a broken process, problem lies mostly with focus and priorities; not with their ability (technological or managerial) to manage processes.

On Process Diagrams – Jim Reardan

In the simplest perspective, the diagram serves as a job aid for all of the process’s performers and other stakeholders to reference anytime there’s a need to clarify and confirm the procedure, roles and responsibilities, inputs, outputs, and decision factors of the process.

On BPM and Continuous Excellence – Mike Gammage

There are no ‘continuous excellence’ vendors you can simply pay to install it. It’s about developing a culture of engagement with process and performance improvement across the enterprise. It’s about long-term and joined-up thinking, where everyone is playing a part in continuous innovation

On BPM and Simplicity – Scott Francis

“process data wants to be free” – available in more places, more accessible to users and managers, and more sensible in form and structure

On Auditing Processes – Gary Comerford

Processes are put together (sometimes officially, sometimes unofficially) but over time things start to get a little ‘lax’. Shortcuts are taken. Personal relationships are exploited. Corners are cut. Over time these little shortcuts start to become the norm and pretty soon you are running with a process that is no longer robust and auditable, and you are opening yourself up for the potential for loss, fraud or corruption.

On BPM Observations – Phil Ayres

• There is little agreement on whether BPM is a management methodology, a class of software, or just a bunch of marketing garbage
• The methodology people and software people can not accept that the other side has a right to exist
• BPM as a software is too complex, expensive, and lacking in appeal to CxOs to ever be as successful as ERP or CRM
• Success seems to be measured by the amount of profit the software vendors make, rather than the positive impact on a business

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