Posted by: Adam Deane | 06/07/2010

BPM: Red Ink

BPM Red InkI enjoy reading people’s opinions on BPM.
Apart from the blogs, there are some forums that I also follow.

ebizQ has a good concept running.
Every week they publish a question, sometimes trivial, sometimes provocative.

The comments from the industry’s movers and shakers are most interesting.

Some of the topics provoke a great debate, pros and cons, should we or shouldn’t we.

That said, some of the topics are predictable.
Last week ebizQ ‘s Peter Schooff published the following question:
2010 Has Been Called the Year of BPM: How Do You Think It’s Going So Far?

The answers… how can I say this … were understandably positive…
It seems the situation could not be better, BPM is growing, everyone is great and life is wonderful.. sing halleluiah!!

It reminded me of the “Red Ink” story.
You don’t know the story? … let me tell you.

Before going into combat, a young British soldier sat with his parents for dinner.
They agreed that any letters he writes in blue ink means that the content is true.
They agreed that any letters he writes in red ink means that the content is false.
The young soldier was sent to the front the next day.

The next few months, the young soldier kept sending his parents letters, in blue ink.
Then, in battle, the soldier was caught by the Germans and sent to the POW camp.
For months the parents didn’t hear a word from their son.

One day they received a letter from him.
It was written in blue ink.

It read:

Dear Mum and Dad,

I hope I find you in good health.
I am in good health and spirits.

The Germans are treating us nicely.
We sit around playing cards and chat all day.
Even the German guards are friendly.

The food is good and we have everything we need: chocolates, wine and cigars.
In fact, the only thing that they don’t have here – is bloody red ink

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