Posted by: Adam Deane | 07/07/2010

BPM: The fly on the wall

Fly on the wallAs you’ve probably noticed I’ve gone a bit cynical lately.
I don’t know why. The sun is shining, the birds are singing…
Cheer up ya grumpy old man!

Behind all my tongue-in-mouth posts, there’s always a point I’m trying to make. I’ll choose a weekly topic and try to add a bit of witty wrapping. I feel it makes reading them a bit more interesting….

That said, I worry about people taking them personally or reading too much into it.
I’m not trying to create controversy or upset anyone. Really.
It defies the purpose of the blog.

I enjoy blogging. I not a great socialiser so don’t participate in forums or dialogues.
I’m a terrible Twitterer. I follow the conversations all the time, but hardly add my 20 pence to the discussion.
So if you’ve written something there, it’s got my attention even if I’ve not retweeted or responded.
I’m like a “fly on the wall”. I listen, observe and hopefully learn.

I’m also probably the most backward twitter user out there.
Till now I’ve actually blocked users that have tried to follow me (why do I need SusySexy to follow me?).
For some silly reason I thought I could limit them to BPM related followers.
Not looking for a high numbers of followers. (Think quality, not quantity…)

I’ve given up on blocking users. It’s useless, and also defies the spirit of Twitter.
So now I’ve even got a dog rescue service following me (even though I don’t have a dog). I don’t think we have mutual interests, but I love the quote on their website:

Don’t accept your dogs admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful


Anyway, tomorrow I’ve planned a little dig on the subject of BPM Hype.
Nothing wrong with a bit of wishful thinking. Nothing wrong with clever marketing.
But we do have a “wee” bit of hype in our industry…. oh.. here’s me being cynical again

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