Posted by: Adam Deane | 11/07/2010

ECM Quotes of the week

On Unstructured Data – Lee Dallas

For years I myself refused to use the term “unstructured” data because I found it insulting. My data has structure. You shouldn’t call it “un”-structured just because your pathetic rows and columns can’t handle it.

On BPM and ECM – Response by Rashid N. Khan

I have seen numerous BPM companies dabble in ECM and gone no where with the effort. They have great BPM but mediocre ECM at best. Likewise numerous ECM companies have dabbled in BPM, but have never been able to grow into leaders in the latter

On BPM and ECM – Response by Malcolm Ross

For starters: To all BPM vendors, attaching a document to a task is not ECM. To all the ECM vendors, routing a document for approval is not BPM.

On Processes – Response by Jacob Ukelson

In my experience people centric “Highly Structured Processes” are only a theoretical possibility, not something you see in real life. Once you get people involved, you’ll find that there are exceptions that fall into one of the other categories

On ECM ROI – Joe Shepley

ECM allows an organization to cut costs while at the same time improving core capabilities – something FTE cuts or reductions in service alone cannot accomplish.

On Collaboration – Ann All

Just like hoarders, most organizations have the information they need if only they could find it.

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