Posted by: Adam Deane | 12/07/2010

BPM Simulation – New Technology

CTO MeetingThe CTOs of all the major BPM companies got together last Friday for a discussion around a joint roadmap for BPM Simulation.

“We are dropping our conventional simulation” said one of the CTOs, “the new technology is way more advanced and we can’t miss this opportunity”.

“Even if it not 100% accurate – it’s way more accurate than our current simulation module” said another.

“Currently, simulation is more of a tick-in-the-box than real value.” “no one really uses it” “we have to have it in our offering because of the analysts” “The new technology delivers real value”

The common agreement in the group was that the current BPM simulation wasn’t being embraced by customers.

The discussion then turned to the new simulation technology.
“Brilliant”, Installation is a bit slimy, but the skills required to run it are simple.
Just need to feed it with data and small fish.
One phone call to the German restaurant and it was agreed: Paul the Octopus would be part of the new BPM offering.
Better results, faster and with a higher success rating.
It is believed that Gartner will be publishing Paul as part of the new requisites for a full BPM offering.

Paul the Octopus

Talking to the simulation vendor last night, I was told that there was no money-back or guarantee for a 100% correct simulation result, but you can eat him if he gets it wrong.


  1. I know that this will come as a huge disappointment, but Paul has decided to retire after the World Cup.

    Personally, I believe he couldn’t take it anymore, because if there’s one thing that’s worse than being wrong about simulation it’s having to tell people that a working simulation has proved their assumptions wrong.

    -With the taraneon Process TestLab, who needs Paul anyway – 🙂

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