Posted by: Adam Deane | 17/07/2010

ECM, SOA, BA and other quotes of the week

On Case Management Systems – Laurence Hart

This is where it all falls apart. In my experience, the client rarely knows exactly what they want the first time out. The first prototypes are usually torn apart in the review session. That’s fine. After I learned that this was actually normal for a Case Management system, I stopped getting upset.

On ECM ROI – Joe Shepley

if there is the ROI that we say there is, why hasn’t the organization done something about it in the past?

On Business Analyst Time Management – Steve Blais

It’s your time. In the end you will be held accountable for what you do, not how many meetings you attend.

On SOA – Chris Lockhart

The acronym SOA is perceived to be a consultant-justification construct whose only purpose is to extend engagements indefinitely. “When is SOA done?” Ask the people paying those consulting invoices. “When do I achieve SOA?”

On the Microsoft Partner Conference – Ian Gotts

So on balance, NOT a great set of announcements if you are the CIO. However, that techy consumer in you cannot help but be impressed.

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