Posted by: Adam Deane | 01/08/2010

BPM Quotes of the week

On Gartner’s Hype Cycle for BPM – Mike Gammage

To Gartner’s credit, their cornerstones of their own approach are spot on: that BPM is inextricably linked with business process improvement, that it is essentially a discipline, and that ultimately the discipline of BPM matters more than the tools.

On Process Automation – Julian Sammy

No matter how smart, dedicated and perceptive you are, every process will break in ways that require humans to intervene, and in ways that can not be described by processes or procedures. Yes, you can automate control processes to a degree–but ultimately EVERY processes will encounter a situation that it can never resolve

On Process Failure Points – Gary Comerford

Humans are your most crucial failure point in a process. When ever you are designing processes (or systems to support processes) you should ensure you try and minimise the ability of the human to cause a failure.

On BPM COE – Brandon Dean

While a BPM COE most likely will not have direct responsibility for the implementation and delivery of the individual BPM projects, they will have a significant amount of influence on the success or failure of each individual project… Think of the BPM COE resources as a SWAT team that is able to very quickly resolve a situation and then extract themselves

On Modelling – Neil Ward-Dutton

our research continues to indicate that the vast majority of people involved in modelling business improvements use Visio, PowerPoint, or pen and paper

On Social BPM – Ian Gotts

Without end user adoption, what is documented and what is actually done will rapidly diverge. And then, even if the processes are in the newest SocialBPM tool it is simply ‘Lipstick on a pig”.

On Modern BPM Solutions – Phil Ayres

This is where modern business process management solutions kick in. First, they offer a faster startup time with more focused analysis of problems… Second, the solutions offered already include a range of business templates… Finally, and possibly most importantly, the methodology focuses on iterative improvement, rather than trying to get every little thing right first time.

On Process Consultants – Craig Reid

I find it abhorrent when process consultants walk into a business and start to design to-be processes that they think are correct. I believe that a good process person facilitates the to-be process, but they never dictate to the customer what that process should be.

On Consultants – Joe Shepley

The way I look at it, as a consultant I’m always on the hook for project success no matter how adverse the project space is, because ultimately all project challenges fall into one of two categories: those I should have known about and those I couldn’t have known about (but should have been ready for).

On BPM Monitoring – Mary Katherine Strupe

When it comes down to it, the simple fact is that you want to be able to monitor and manage your business processes. By “monitor” and “manage” I am referring to the ability of your software suite to give you valuable insight into the activity of the business process and the status of tasks…An automated process, in the end, doesn’t mean much unless you have the ability to manage it, track metrics and identify areas that need further improvement and optimization.

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