Posted by: Adam Deane | 09/08/2010

BPM: The Ivory Tower

BPM Ivory TowerAs the powerful king looked out of his tower window, all he could see was barren land.

Where is my kingdom? he sighed.
My kingdom once flourished with beautiful gardens.
People came from afar to see the gardens and buy our produce.

Now, the gardens are barren, and the gold reserves are dwindling. Alas.

Days upon days the king sat with himself and drew plans to try to overcome the draught.
He sat alone, as he could not trust anyone in the palace to help him with such a mighty task.
He could not leave the tower either, as a fierce dragon guarded the entrance.

“Perhaps I’ll plant gold coins in the ground. They will grow gold flowers for us to sell”.
But alas, gold flowers did not grow and the coins were lost.
“Perhaps I’ll set fancy signs on the paths to our kingdom offering free meals”.
But alas, the only people that came were beggars.
“Perhaps I’ll pay the wizard to cast a spell”.
But alas, the spell did not affect the people, and the money was wasted.

“My brilliant ideas are not working!” cried out the king in despair.
If my ideas don’t work, then all is doomed.
This must be the will of the gods. We must sit and wait until they are appeased.

Months passed, but the gods were not appeased.
One day the king looked out of his window. From afar a spot appeared on the horizon. As it grew closer the king could see that it was a knight bearing the flag of the kingdom.

“Thank the heavens” rejoiced the king. It’s Sir Adam. The head of my BPM army. Surely he will know how to save my kingdom.

“My brave Sir Adam”, said the king. “All is lost! What shall I do?”

The kingdom is fine, stop whinging, said Sir Adam.
There is no dragon. It’s not the will of the gods either.
You’re just not listening to the BPM teams in the field. They know what the customers want. They know what the customers need. Start listening to other people’s ideas.
Now get down from that Ivory Tower of yours before I come up and kick your butt.

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