Posted by: Adam Deane | 14/08/2010

ECM Quotes of the week

On ECM and the Cloud – Laurence Hart

So the Content Management vendors, looking for double-digit growth, are pushing Case Management so they can land the multi-million dollar deals required for that growth. Smaller cloud-based vendors don’t need to close deals of that magnitude to have double-digit growth in a quarter, much less a year. The ECM vendors are chasing the large deals while the smaller deals get left to SaaS and SharePoint.

On ECM Blues – Joe Shepley

Given all these challenges, and given the struggles I see organizations facing every day to get ECM funded, I found myself wondering whether ECM will ever evolve beyond this point and get the recognition (and dollars) other enterprise disciplines do

On Case Management – Malcolm Ross

Not many people would have predicted that “Case Management” would have received this much discussion 2 years ago, but the rapid convergence of social “un-structured” work with business process management has forced many people to consider new flexible solutions

On SharePoint 2010 – Greg Clark

It is important to consider why you want to move to SharePoint. Cost savings? Usability? Spite? Okay, scratch that last one.

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