Posted by: Adam Deane | 21/08/2010

BPM Quotes of the week

On Work and work – Jacob Ukelson
Work (with a capital W) – your boss tells you to do something, you do it and get paid.
work (with a lowercase w) – is motivated by inherent interest and generally unpaid.

I maintain that today’s BPMS are built for supporting Work – and are not approrpiate for work. That is why for jobs that blend Work and work, a BPMS isn’t the right choice. That is where ACM complements BPMS.

On Leading BPM Projects – Derek Miers

I think putting it more succinctly – when BPM initiatives are led by IT, they are less sustainable. And putting my own perspective on it – “BPM is of the Business, For The Business, and By the Business”.

On BPM Projects – Bob Larrivee

In my view, BPM is a team sport and should be viewed as such, not done in isolation. These projects should be driven with purpose to meet a business need as presented by the business organization and supported by IT. Once in place, it is up to the department heads to determine how process is managed or changed, using the tools provided and IT to provide the support and maintenance to keep it all running

On BPM and the economy recovery – Brandon Dean

Most likely, I think corporations are feeling comfortable with the economic recovery and are beginning to reinstate projects which were put on hold during the “Great Recession.” From a licensing standpoint, BPM was extremely hot before the downturn. However, due to the downturn, it seems a number of the large initiatives were put on hold and attention diverted elsewhere. Now, with a light at the end of the economic tunnel, organizations are beginning to reinstate projects.

On Consulting – Joe Shepley

…there is no such thing as potential clients, only clients. Having a signed contract does not magically turn someone from a prospect (for whom you do only as much as it takes to get them to sign a contract) into a client.

On Business Culture – Elise Olding

The “culture” word is getting a lot of play in the business world today. Changing culture seems to be the next big thing. Culture is blamed for bringing companies to their knees and a myriad of bad things as well as successes.

On BPM Definitions – Jon Strickler

The enterprise processes of a business start with the customer and a process Design that understands what customers value and ensures that value is delivered. Modeling helps verify that the process design is innovative, effective, efficient and flexible and identifies where improvements can be made… Until the new designs and their associated improvements are Executed so that the business uses them, no improvement will result… Until processes are Monitored, no continuous improvement and ongoing Optimization can result.


  1. Adam, Thanks for the link. My goal in this post was to stress that BPM is often bigger than the role IT has typically allowed for BPM and when applied enterprise wide has the greatest potential. You summed it up well. Keep up the good work on your blog – I look forward to more.

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