Posted by: Adam Deane | 28/08/2010

BPM Quotes of the week

On Forrester’s BPMS Report – Scott Francis

So, I’ll let you in on a little secret. The Wave won’t tell you which BPMS makes the most sense for you. Some of these offerings are actually so different that they rarely, if ever, compete for the same customer projects, and often corporations own more than one product because they aren’t viewed as doing the same thing

On Technology Evaluators and Analysts – Chris Adams

Does anyone really do analysis on a graphical vendor placing report, where 2 inches of separation between dots in a chart means a BPM product is 2x better than the dot that is 4 inches away? Who knows.

On BPM inter alia – Mike Gammage

They see automation – for so long the narrow focus of the BPM world – as valuable but essentially a second order challenge. They see BPM inter alia as the way that the enterprise articulates its requirements so that IT can deliver the appropriate supporting systems. In that context, they see BPM as the framework and language for business-IT alignment

On Process Excellence – David McCoy

A process menu exists as a reputation, brand, commitment, or ideal. It’s a bold statement that “we care, we can do it better,” and it’s a good thing to have. No, It’s more than that. A process menu is a great thing to have. But if you don’t deliver on your process menu’s promises, then you are guilty of a very large and noticeable flaw. You fall into the clutches of cognitive dissonance.

On BPM and Business Rule Management – Carole-Ann

BPM does a beautiful job orchestrating services and systems. The long-running transaction is fully taken care of. The difficulty comes from the maintenance of the decisions embedded into the said process… In the gigantic stack of spaghetti links, you have a hard time visualizing what the process is meant to be about.

On SharePoint and BPM – Jon Strickler

Interesting current research on SharePoint from AIIM: SharePoint Strategies and Experience. Among other items of interest, Analysis on pg 19 shows 65% of users plan to add or have added on BPMS functionality and 30% plan to or have added Case functionality from 3rd party vendors

On Selling to the IT or to the Business – Joe Shepley

Given the choice, I’d rather have LOB support and IT resistance than the other way around, because like it or not, at the majority of organizations, IT does what the business says

On Social BPM – Arun Ravindran

Social BPM can, without exaggeration, save your job in such critical situations which are edge-cases not often foreseen by the process designers. Often, it is impossible to create a process that can handle every eventuality. If it attempts to do is, it comes with an added complexity that affects its acceptability.

On Change Management – Elise Olding

The paradox is that we are selling change to the powers that be while asking them to change to adopt a new way of working! It is also likely that we are offering a solution for a problem that they don’t think they have.

On Who should lead a BPM project – Pieter van Schalkwyk soon as you put a BPMS in the hands of a developer, they code. Coding for them is like having a hammer. Everything becomes a nail. The fact that a Business Analyst or savvy process owner can configure 80% of a process without coding is irrelevant to them

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