Posted by: Adam Deane | 30/08/2010

BPM: Meet the Neighbours

BPM neighboursNew to the neighbourhood?
Let me show you around..

The ECM Family
The house next door belongs to the ECM family. Lovely bunch. I’ve got nothing but praise for them. Very professional, very friendly, always smiling. They have the same day-to-day problems as us. They’re in the same line of work as us, but come in from a different angle. They are a broody family, getting bigger all the time. Their eldest child “SharePoint” just got her teeth straightened and now is starting to look quite attractive…

The ACM Family
They are the rowdy bunch of the neighbourhood. Originally belonging to the ECM family, they broke off and created their own family.
I’m a friendly kind of guy. I’ve even prepared a cake and have planned many times to pop over to say “Hi”. But their religious messaging about repenting and “seeing the light” scares me away. I’m a big believer in live and let live, but getting told “ACM is the new testament, all BPM believers are doomed” yelled at me every time I pass their house is a bit frightening

The ERP Family
I don’t see much of them as they live further down the street. Nice family. Very quite. Their line of work is focused on the financial industry. I’ve got nothing against them, but I don’t think they like us too much. Some of their potential customers like to park in our driveway, instead of theirs. I think it annoys them a bit.

The CRM Family
Nice family. Always under pressure. Pacing up and down the street with the phone headset stuck in their ear. They used to be a big family, but have reduced in size. I know that one of their daughters fancies ECM’s youngest son “Case Management”. I see them holding hands sometimes. They look like a nice couple together.

The CEP Family
Now, I’m not completely sure what they do, nor do I know how big they are. I passed their new house one day, had a chat and asked them what they do for a living. They told me something about complex event processing. CEP can provide an organization with the capability to define, manage and predict events, situations, exceptional conditions, opportunities and threats in complex, heterogeneous networks . It was a bit over my head, but I promised myself to look it up as it seemed innovative.

The BI Family
Fantastic family. Personally, I would love to see our family merge with theirs. They’ve got beautiful daughters. Amazing potential. It annoys me to see our couch potato kids sitting in front of the TV all day, instead of going out to play with the BI kids. Beats me…

Anyway, thats our neighbourhood. The local council sends their inspectors from time to time to check up on us.
We’ve just had a inspection from Mr Forrester, and we expect an inspection soon from Mr Gartner.

Rubbish is collected on Mondays and Thursdays. The local pub is on the corner…
Welcome to the neighbourhood.


  1. Hi-diddly-ho, neighborino, everything is pretty okilly-dokilly!

  2. Adam,
    Hi. Maybe you need the ACM Twelve Step Program for Unstructured Process Enlightenment – 🙂

  3. […] have learnt from their mistakes, and are slowly building solid customer solutions. They are one of BPM’s neighbours. I have been seeing quite a lot of activity around them lately. Maybe we should pop in and say […]

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