Posted by: Adam Deane | 01/09/2010

BPM: August Update

HolidaysI would like to welcome back all those lucky people returning from their summer holidays in August.

While some of you were enjoying sunny skies, good food and beautiful views, we were stuck in the office with lousy weather.

As you were on holiday, I’m sure you will appreciate an update on all the BPM events that you missed during your holidays:

  • As you might be aware, BPM suddenly has become centre-stage.
    Every organisation in the country has heard about it and now wants to implement a full BPM solution in their organisation. Budgets have suddenly opened.
    All BPM vendors have reported a staggering 1500% growth in the last month. Many vendors are complaining that they cannot supply the demand for their products and are turning back potential customers.
    Universities are reporting enormous waiting lists for BPMN and BPM classes.

  • Salaries in BPM have jumped 200% in the last month.
    The average salary of employees in the BPM industry now equals bankers and hedge fund managers. I hope that you didn’t miss out on your raise because of your holiday.

  • The government has brought in new laws to enforce the use of BPM methodologies in every government office.
    In order to help kick-start the economy, the government has offered huge cash bonuses to every employee in the BPM industry. The money has no strings attached. One time offer for August only. Yesterday was the last date that the forms needed to be submitted, in order to receive the bonus.

What? Nobody told you? .. ahh.. yes.. but you were on a holiday…
Now get back to work…


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