Posted by: Adam Deane | 05/09/2010

ACM, MDM and Open Source Quotes

On Adaptive Processes – David McCoy

There’s a nice little world of science fiction that says that adaptive processes are a form of AI that can sense and reconfigure themselves to the new situation. This is – in 2010 – a fiction, if one assumes that the process itself is defining its own bounded domain, its own source of acceptable realities. It is not. A process has to be defined with acceptable boundaries within which it can “adapt.” The world is NOT a process’s oyster.

On Unstructured Processes – Jacob Ukelson

There are structured processes – which is where BPMS excel. Unstructured, unpredictable human processes – they exist, and aren’t just “processes that haven’t yet been structured” – that is where ACM can help.

On BPM and MDM – Sandy Kemsley

TIBCO isn’t the first BPM vendor to jump on the process data model bandwagon, and they won’t be the last: the link between MDM and process instance data needs to be firmly established so that you don’t end up with data definitions within your BPMS that don’t match up with the other data sources in your organization.

On Open Source BPMS – Jakob Freund

Then I thought about the future of commercial pure play BPMS and came to the result, that a shift of market shares is likeley, boosting the relevance of both Open Source BPM and SaaS BPM at the expense of “classical” on premise, closed source BPM products

On Process Abstraction – Clive Longbottom

Any move from within an organisation to create a single point of process management has historically been doomed – the rush for business process management (BPM) seems to have come and gone, and trying to force everyone to use SAP or Oracle eBusiness Suite is not only overly complex for the majority, but would tend to bankrupt all but the very richest of companies.

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