Posted by: Adam Deane | 05/09/2010

BPMN Quotes of the week

On BPMN not for the business – Keith Swenson

It would be arrogant to suggest that business users just need to hunker down and learn BPMN to be effective. This would be like arguing that a graphical user interface is not needed if only users would take the time to learn to use a command line interface.

On Using BPMN – David French

It would be really scary if those responsible for the operation of multimillion dollar enterprises can’t take on the meaning of a set of symbols that can be put on a small wallchart.

On BPMN and Business People – Chris Adams

Business people do not want to learn another application, much less a process notation. They want to either make more money, get their day-to-day job done faster, or make their own job easier …and they want to do this in the context in which they are already accustomed.

On BPMN not for the business – Neil Ward-Dutton

For BPM initiatives to succeed, business managers and front-line staff without specialist analysis skills need to be engaged and motivated to participate, particularly in the earliest stages of initiatives where improvement opportunities are being uncovered, explored and prioritised. Here, even a subset of BPMN is unlikely to be the right place to start.

On BPMN for Business Professionals – Jim Sinur

IT professionals can’t really expect business folks to understand cryptic/standard formats when they really want to see a real representation of their processes with desirable icons; not engineering Icons. It’s kind of like someone saying “let them eat cake”. It is this IT arrogance that could sink BPM technologies

On Business People – James McGovern
Business and IT


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  2. […] BPMN Quotes of the week « Adam Deane: Adam Deane wraps up the week of BPMN blog posts with the best quotes drawn from several of them. […]

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  4. Don’t forget Jan Recker’s study into “How Much BPMN do you Need?”

    This is all a bit of a storm in a tea cup – BPMN is widely used but not often deeply used. A standard is effective but it needs to be balanced with simplicity – why is probably why Jan found that “The average subset of BPMN used in these models consisted of just 9 different symbols”.

    I think that says it all!

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