Posted by: Adam Deane | 13/09/2010

BPM: SaaS in a Hat

SaaS in a hatThere are gajillions of stories…
of mischief and fun,
but to keep things simple,
let’s start with just one.

About a business and some vendors,
myself and a hat,
that, oddly enough,
was worn by a cat.
But soon enough we will get to all that…

So our story begins
late after dark,
in a small London home
next to the park.

I don’t know the month.
I cannot remember.
It must have been later
than the month of November.

I decided to think hard,
and find a good way,
to get every organisation
to use BPM one day.

So I sat down to think,
and even poured a large beer,
but I still could not think
of that winning idea.

So I slumped in my chair,
too glum to complain,
and to make matters worse,
it started to rain.

Just then a knock on the door
I wondered “who’s that?”
and to my surprise,
entered a cat in a hat.

He sat in the chair,
and started thinking with me,
What should the next big thing be,
in our industry.

In an industry that booms,
and affects all of us,
an acronym must be created !
… that acronym is Saas !

It’s an acronym that’s not huge,
but quite big enough…
for vendors and customers
to buy and sell stuff,

from applications and cloud services…
and a wizard’s apprentice…
to energy gobbling
big data centres.

Lets run business process,
up here in the cloud.
I’ll have to check, said the cat.
I’m not sure it’s allowed.

So the cat went away
to research very quickly,
then returned to the room
and said to me strictly.

Your idea might seem good
but has one or two flaws.
It has already been implemented
by other vendors.

Glumly I returned.
To give in I couldn’t.
So I continued to look for
the next silver bullet.

Back to the drawing board
to find the next thing,
and quietly I asked Mary
to put the cat in the bin

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