Posted by: Adam Deane | 24/09/2010

Mobile BPM – Videos

Mobile phones are no longer for personal use only.
Work is no longer done just in the office.
Employees are given company mobile phones to enable them to be online 24/7.
(… modern slavery with annoying ringtones… bliss…)
BPM solutions will be required to facilitate these new communication methods.

I’d like to share some of the latest Mobile BPM videos that I found interesting.

The first video is Signavio‘s BPMN Modeling and Process Collaboration iPad interface which will now enable business users to edit process diagrams over their iPad.
The modeller works with Activiti, as Signavio has donated it to the open source project.

The second video is Apparound‘s Mobile BPM interface that can run on iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and WinMobile.
The video (in Italian) shows an example of a holiday request approval process on the Apparound Mobile BPM interface.

The third video is Inubit’s native iPhone App for mobile BPM.
The video shows Inubit’s IPhone app for an insurance claim.

The last video is Cordys Process Factory’s mobile functionality in existing MashApps.
The video (although a bit “salesy”) shows an end-to-end development of a mobile form process.

These were the ones I found on YouTube. I’m sure there are others.
And I’m sure we will see more Mobile BPM solutions in the near future

Enjoy your weekend…

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