Posted by: Adam Deane | 03/10/2010

BPMN Quotes of the week

On BPMN and Business users – Bruce Silver

In my view, it’s not really about “business users” or what exactly is a business user. Creating good BPMN is often more difficult for architects and developers than for business people. It has nothing to do with BPMN 2.0 vs BPMN 1.x. Almost all of the differences between them are below the waterline, in hidden XML details, not in what prints in the diagram.

On Good BPMN – Mike Gammage

But I do know that BPMN is fatally flawed as a universal process language across the enterprise…The idea that process stakeholders will step up to the mark and design processes in ‘good BPMN’ is the triumph of hope over experience.

On Simple BPMN – Sandy Kemsley

BPMN is simple (if you can read a flowchart, you can understand BPMN); BPMN is robust (can be used for both high-level design/architecture and detailed process model execution/implementation); and most importantly, BPMN and process models are only part of the big picture, and need to be linked to other information assets such as data and organizational models.
You may not have come out of this session actually loving BPMN 2.0, but at least you’ll respect it in the morning.

My favourite BPMN video of the week: “Eva the BPM Doggie

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