Posted by: Adam Deane | 11/10/2010

Enterprise Architecture: Time of Death

EA Time of Death“Time of Death – 7:46” declared the doctor.
“We did what we could. Sorry guys, we lost him”

“Hmm, excuse me… but I’m not dead yet” said the patient.
“Doctor, the patient is alive!” exclaimed the nurse.
“No, he’s dead” said the doctor. I checked.
“But he’s moving doctor” said the nurse.
“I am moving..” said the patient quietly

Now listen here!, said the doctor sternly. I didn’t go to medical school for 10 years for nothing you know.
If I decide something is dead, it is only after much deliberation and thought.
“He has a point” said the nurse to the patient. “He is a doctor”
Oh, I wouldn’t argue with a doctor, said the patient nervously. It’s just that I still feel alive..

What’s his name? asked the doctor
“Enterprise Architecture” replied the nurse.
Dead!, declared the doctor. Definitely dead! All the industry bloggers have confirmed… dead… very much dead!
Are you sure there’s no mistake? asked the patient in a timid voice

Now listen here! Said the doctor angrily. Your impudence is starting to annoy me.
The online community have decided that you’re dead, so you’re dead.
We decided last week that SOA is dead, and the week before that that EAI is dead. We will probably declare BPM dead next week, but this week we have declared that EA is dead, so that’s that!

And stop questioning our motives either. Just because some like publishing inflammatory statements to attract more hits to their website doesn’t mean a thing.

Oh, I wasn’t doubting you for a moment, said the patient. I trust your judgement.
Excellent, said the doctor. Now close your eyes and rest.
Let the poison take its course…

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  1. […] Deane employed this device in his recent blog, “Enterprise Architecture: Time of Death“, in which he humorously attempts to make fun of various pundits call that EA has somehow […]

  2. What comes to mind is a quote by the great Mark Twain: “rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.”

  3. Excellent, Adam

    So better answer than deadly-serious speculations about who is dead, who is not and why.

    Your style is unique in BPM blogosphere, please keep the course!

    Kind regards

    • Thanks Anatoly,
      I appreciate your kind feedback


  4. it has just “mutated” into a new strain, where you actually make progress on your roadmaps, by delivering near-term value…its called “pragmatic”…some PURISTS might insist it DOES mean its dead…but alas…it has only evolved into something more meaningful and relevant.

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