Posted by: Adam Deane | 15/10/2010

The new BPM Enterprise Twitters

Following up on my previous post on the BPM Game Changer
There are already two vendors that are developing Enterprise Activity Streams:

The first is Tibco’s Silver – tibbr

tibbr is an enterprise Twitter-like application.
I’m impressed by the fact that they were the first BPM vendor to see the potential, build a solution, and even deploy it internally to check it out.

Tibco tibbr

Although Tibco unveiled tibbr nearly a year ago, I supprised they haven’t generated the marketing buzz one would expect from a new product. It’s currently flying under the radar, but I’m pretty sure we will be hearing about it soon.
Tibco’s Vivek Ranadivé explains their vision here:

The second BPM vendor that is developing an enterprise Twitter-like application is IBM.
IBM has unveiled Blueworks Live

The idea behind Blueworks Live is that you’ll be able to automate processes that are run over email today using checklist and approval process app templates.
Blueworks Live will also enable access to expert online business process communities

IBM’s Phil Gilbert explains his vision here:

Both solutions are SaaS-based offerings, both innovative and both worth watching…


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  5. I have worked within tibbr quite a bit, and it is extremely useful and innovative software. The capabilities go far beyond that of a simple social networking platform within a corporation. With HTML5, I can only imagine what the potential is for things like tibbr as a single platform for all communications and interactions within an organization. Really cool stuff!

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