Posted by: Adam Deane | 24/10/2010

Social Media and Business Quotes of the week

On Social Media Tools – David Brakoniecki

I would expect the future of enterprise activity streams or social tools in BPM applications to follow this pattern. The killer feature in a BPM system will be more about getting a stream of your data out of the system rather than the social tools built into the system. The problem today is that this ecosystem is too underdeveloped in enterprise software for people to see that pattern clearly.

On Social Technologies – Kevin Haugh

The social and collaborative technologies mentioned are also exciting and hot. But, if used in an unfocused way, can actually be detrimental to organizations by distracting people from their day to day work. Hence, they too need to be implemented in ways that are designed to generate value.

On Activity Streams – Michael Fauscette

I think there is a strong potential for activity streams to become the new user interface / experience for most workers. The concept of bringing together people, content, data and applications in a people-centric, user configurable stream is very powerful.

On Mining Activity Streams – Keith Swenson

Will event streams and activity streams become more similar over time? Will the 140 character limit remain sacrosanct? It is likely that we will see additional extensions to include other formalized data included, just as we have see the additional of geolocation. Don’t cringe, but one might call these “Enhanced Enterprise Activity Streams“.

On Strategic ECM – Joe Shepley

But what was missing, for me, was a consideration of the strategic dimensions of storage management, i.e., moving beyond managing containers in order to reduce cost and improve performance to begin to integrate storage management with enterprise disciplines like risk management, ECM, compliance, and litigation management.

On Enterprise BI Vendors – Boris Evelson

In Forrester’s 145-criteria evaluation of enterprise business intelligence (BI) platform vendors, we found that IBM Cognos, SAP BusinessObjects, Oracle, Information Builders , SAS, Microsoft, and MicroStrategy led the pack because of the completeness of not just BI, but overall information management functionality

On AS-IS Documentation – Craig Reid

What I have an issue with are organisations spending vast amounts of man hours documenting as-is process in detail. Unless the as-is state is felt to be close to being optimised already, spending time documenting it in detail is a bit like writing a book then burning it.

On Building Business Capability Conference – Sandy Kemsley

It’s not about aligning business and IT, it’s about aligning business strategy with IT capability. Don’t focus on delivering IT systems, focus on delivering business solutions.

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