Posted by: Adam Deane | 07/11/2010

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM and BPMS – Scott Francis

BPM is typically comprised of doing many simple things right – but knowing which of the many things you can do is the trick. With a BPMS, it isn’t a matter of brand new tech so much as it is composing existing technology in ways that really make sense at a deeper level to the composer.

On ACM – Max J. Pucher

When businesses ask about ACM, everyone wants to be ACM, but when I try to define what it actually is, no one wants to truly participate to not be suddenly left out in the feature checklist. A similar thing happens when we try to distinguish what ACM is in difference to other TLA’s and most commonly to BPM. No one wants to alienate the BPM crowd, analysts, consultants and IT architects alike. Everyone chickens out, and is to afraid to have an opinion.

On Social BPM – Keith Swenson

Business users are not used to thinking through all the exceptional cases that might arise. At the same time developers are not used to thinking through all the business factors either. Both sides want to simplify and design the process around the easy cases, and hope all cases can be fit into them. The challenge before us is to help business and IT understand that all business processes are social to some extent.

On Social BPM – Jacob Ukelson

So why is Social Business Process Management the new buzzword du’jour? Mainly because most BPM technologies (or BPMS’s) played down the roles of the humans involved and focused on the automatable part of the process. At best the humans were part of the process as secondary agents (I know that is a bit harsh, but for the most part true). BPMS technology ignored (and continues to ignore) the basic constructs of any real end-to-end business process – conversation and negotiation

On Social BPM – Theo Priestley

Social BPM isn’t taking off as fast as we’d like it to. Why is that ? There’s money being poured into startups right now in social media and social tools but there’s little buy in on the corporate level for Social BPM because BPM itself still isn’t fully understood.

On Process Awareness – Elise Olding

While there’s a lot to be said about streamlining processes to reduce costs and increase efficiencies that sort of thinking will keep you in the trenches. If you want to raise process awareness to a strategic level and deliver the ability to provide competitive advantage, you may want to consider the impact of some of these trends on your business models.

On BPM and Open Source – Law Tien Soon

To many people who are new to open source, there seems to be an equation that: open source = no license. But this is absolutely a misconception. In fact, most of the open source projects / products out there are licensed! But licensed with an open source license, which generally promotes free as in libre, not just gratis.

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