Posted by: Adam Deane | 20/11/2010

BPM Quotes of the week

On Social Process Execution – Sandy Kemsley

Social process execution is the key to bringing together the productivity, governance and quality improvements of BPM with the networking and cultural aspects of social software. Having social features at runtime as innate capabilities for all process participants – through the entire spectrum from structured processes to unstructured collaboration – is what will really make social software (or rather, social features of enterprisey software such as BPM) mainstream.

On BPM and Participants – Terry Schurter

BPM cannot fulfill its destiny if we don’t understand process from the perspective of participants, then develop processes that make their lives simpler, easier and more successful. Though that message resonates at many business levels, BPM vendors have, for the most part, refused to acknowledge it, opting instead to take a position that their technology alone addresses the “challenge.”

On BPM ROI – Craig Reid

Often the problem we have with selling BPM is that we (process people) often sound like a bunch of crazies selling a new religion. Leaders of organisations aren’t interested in buying a concept that sounds like it crawled out of the backside of the IT department. Leaders want to buy solutions to business problems: they want to save money, improve turnover and improve customer service – or more reactively, fix any problems that are getting them into trouble (and quickly).

On Goal Driven BPM – Jim Sinur

The first steps in BPM are around process efficiency and effectiveness. The next steps revolve around continuous improvement and require a significant amount of watching to keep the improvements coming. Goal driven, the next step, directly ties the process behavior and activity to the desired goals of the process.

On BPM Patterms – Scott Francis

Of course, many people misunderstand the point of patterns. They wonder why there is still so much work to do! But patterns are not libraries of code – they’re patterns of design and code. Its like knowing how to tie a square knot. Although you know the pattern, you still have to tie the knot each time you want to use it. Design patterns are much the same way.

On BPM Basics – Scott Cleveland

BPM has been misunderstood as, or confused with, business process improvement technologies such as automation, orchestration, integration and management. However it is much more than a technology or application. BPM is a concept, a practice and, above all, a management discipline grounded in changing human behavior

On BPM for non-techies – Loraine Lawson

To sum up and see if I understood, I ventured a simile: “So BPM is sort of like a traffic cop, but with really good memory.”


  1. Hi Adam, great quotes!

    Is there a theme to these or are they just lined up this way by chance?

    • Hi Max,

      No special theme. No special order.
      I have over 100 RSS Blog Feeds that I read during the week.
      The ones that I find interesting (and that I think will interest other readers) – I publish in a list over the weekend.
      Some weeks all the bloggers focus on a mutual topic of interest, some weeks hardly anyone writes at all.
      If I find that I’ve gathered too many quotes to comfortably “digest”, I’ll divide the post into two (for example: tomorrow’s “Process and Business quotes of the week”).
      I read ECM blogs as well (great posts, very interesting. They usually have the same problems and dilemmas as we have), but have decided to let someone else in the ECM industry take the ‘ECM Quotes’ upon themselves. ACM blogs are included in my BPM Quotes (yours and Frank Michael Kraft’s, for example, are in tomorrow’s quotes)
      I try to add new blogger’s views to the mix (for example: Terry Schurter’s post on ‘BPM and Participants’). It makes life more interesting…
      I am aware that by posting “Quotes” – the quote might be misunderstood or taken out of context, so I urge readers to click on the link to read the original post.

      Bloggers invest a lot of time, effort, energy and passion into their posts.
      There is no agenda behind ‘Quotes of the week’. I don’t provide any comments on them either. Just quotes.
      It’s just a way of me saying “I read your post and found it interesting.”


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